Saturday, 4 July 2009

Tired but still having fun...

Today the weather has been very humid.
One minute its super hot, next its cloudy.

And today, Nessie has been very tired
and decided to have a nap when I took
her out to play.

"Yawn, just a little nap please?"

"Ok, I'll be really quiet for you Nessie" replied Myst

Now Nessie has a piece of Pine Nut hidden within
the ice cube & her only way to get it out was...

yep, to chip it out with her teeth.

This was refreshing for her on a hot sunny day
as well something fun to do!

"Can I shake it out Myst?" said Nessie

"No, because that's cheating" - Myst

"Ok, I think I got a bit of it" - Nessie

Doesn't she look like that squirrel in the film Ice Age 3.
Where she is trying to get this acorn out from this ice cube.

(Must find a picture for you to see what I'm on about.)