Monday, 31 August 2009


Hamsters really adore sleeping & as you can see
here, Nessie loves having naps too.

She looks super comfortable here...

'zzzzZZZZZ......*Snore*' mumbled Nessie

I wonder what's she dreaming about?....

'zzzzZZZZ.......peanuts......cheese...ZZZZZZ....' snored Nessie

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

5 Facts about Nessie....

Nessie usually has lots of joyful adventures & here are 5 facts about her:

* She had escaped once (due to me not closing the lid on one of her planetanium tubs) Next minute when I walked into the room, I turned on the light and saw her staring at me, on the floor, next to my feet!

* Her favourite treats are chocolates & cheese

* Throughout her time with me, she has become 'Frozen' several times, for about 2 - 10 minutes long.

* She had jumped out of my hand once & she crashed into her cage wall & landed on her back on the carpet floor.

* She had grown out of her 'mohician' hair style, when she was about 2 1/2 months old.

Thursday, 20 August 2009



Now normally you expect a door to be plain and boring,
however, if you are really interested want a black cut out
figure of Edward Cullen on your door, well, now you can.....

PS: Forgot to mention, that this black cut out figure is actually full sized.

Ok, even more weirder. How about a shower curtain....


Color: White Curtain & Black Design. (Contact me before buying if you need the reverse/different colors. Black Curtains available).

Size: Standard 70x72 inches. (Email me before buying if you need a custom shower curtain size).

Features: Unique! Original! Handpainted with a brush just like a piece of art! Hang it in your shower, on your wall, in a window, behind your bed as a headboard, or frame it and display it just like any art portrait in your home! (Email me before buying if you want any additions or changes to the design, or a personalized shower curtain, or a monogrammed shower curtain, or your own custom shower curtain design, etc...).

Materials: Professional quality fabric paint on super-soft 100% polyester fabric. Treated to be both Waterproof & Mildew-Resistant. Standard perforations are at the top to hang it with your own hooks.

For more information, please visit my profile page or contact me via

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Hamham friends with Nessie?....

Funny thing with hamsters, one they seem to sniff at things
and if they think the object is worth nibbling at, then
they will nibble at it. As for Nessie, she doesn't seem to 'eat'
on Hamham toy, compared to the other toys on offer for her....

'I think I know a cookie!' says Myst

'Tasty!' said Nessie

'I want more!..........yum.....' scoffed Nessie

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Second Official New Moon Trailer in HD

The Official Twilight Convention...

Los Angeles, CA August 17, 2009 – Summit Entertainment and Creation Entertainment today announced a partnership to produce a series of Official TWILIGHT Fan Conventions over the next three years.

The unprecedented success of both the Twilight novels by Stephenie Meyer and the feature film adaptation of the first book has created a worldwide following of passionate fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON, the second movie in Summit’s TWILIGHT film franchise, which will be released theatrically in North America on November 20, 2009.

The Official TWILIGHT Fan Conventions will offer attendees the unique opportunity to involve themselves in all aspects of THE TWILIGHT SAGA. The weekend gatherings will feature on-stage appearances by TWILIGHT celebrities, exclusive footage screenings, panel discussions, TWILIGHT themed parties, musical performances, costume and trivia competitions, auctions, autographing, merchandising, and photo opportunities. The major online TWILIGHT fan websites, including and, will be participating with special presentations at stops on the convention tour.

Erin Ferries, VP of Creation Entertainment, said, “It is a delight to be involved with the tremendous excitement that surrounds THE TWILIGHT SAGA. The fans are incredibly knowledgeable about the property and have used the story as a springboard for their own creativity. The Official TWILIGHT Fan Conventions will allow attendees the chance to show off their TWILIGHT inspired artwork, writing, costumes, filmmaking, and music with thousands of their fellow fans. While the conventions will offer fans the chance to cheer for their favorite actors they are equally about gathering with like-minded folks and forming friendships based on a common devotion. We can't wait to bring some of the magic of TWILIGHT live to cities around the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom!”

“The fans of THE TWILIGHT SAGA continue to be incredibly supportive of the film franchise and we wanted to find a way to allow them to immerse themselves in the films and the characters in a much more interactive setting,” said Nancy Kirkpatrick, President of Worldwide Marketing of Summit Entertainment. “The Official TWILIGHT Fan Conventions will offer incredible opportunities to get up close to the characters which they have grown to love.”

Official TWILIGHT Fan Conventions around the country with more then 20 stops have already been announced including New Jersey, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, Nashville, San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Arlington, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Boston, Toronto and Portland.

Notice the bit where it says 'We can't wait to bring some of the magic of TWILIGHT live to cities around the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom!'

For more information, visit:

Monday, 17 August 2009


What a nice scene to see....

Nessie yawning.....

'You must be tired' said Myst


'I'm awake now.....' replied Nessie

'Actually, maybe another nap would be nice....' answered Ness

'Okay, have a nice rest' replied Myst

Sunday, 16 August 2009

So, whats have I been up to?....

Nessie's been exploring today & seeing what she can find,
during her walks....

'Can't find nothing....' said Nessie

'By the way, what am I looking for anyways?' sniffed Nessie

'Well, I'm not sure either...' answered Myst

'Oh well, I'll keep on looking for it'

'I think I found it! Its a flower..... but its stuck... on the table cloth', smiled Nessie

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Being Naughty..

Nessie's up to her naughty tricks again,
this time, wanting to go on the floor.

'I want to go down there' said Nessie

'I'm going to find a short cut' snickered Ness

After a long try she got bored, so I took her back to her cage....

'I want to come out and play now' asked Nessie

After I told her she 'couldn't come out to play', she did this.....

'Fine, then I shall eat the bars and bite my way out'.....

'Ok Nessie, but it will be one long evening for you little one' said Myst

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Frozen Hamster by Romanallen on Youtube

Great video, its so funny! Nessie sometimes does that too!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009



Having a snooze....

With the summer heat coming on and
off lately with the british weather,
Nessie decided to take a short sleep.

Doesn't she look so peaceful sleeping? hehe

She's so cute when she's having a nap. She must be having a wonderful dream.

Perhaps, she's dreaming of treats!...

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Nessie springs into Action...

I had been having some lovely Coke to drink tonight &
so, being Nessie, she wanted to perform some tricks for me.

'Okay, I'm going to stay over here and show you' said Nessie

'Actually maybe I'll stand over here instead' whispered Ness

'You ready for this Myst? I'm going to get ready with a fist punch!' said Nessie

'A what? I can see your fists. Your not going to have a fight again, are you?' replied Myst

'Of course not! I'm going to jump over this bottle. You ready?' shouted Nessie

'Did you cheat?' asked Myst

'No! I just wanted to move closer before I jumped.' answered Nessie

'Yea yea, *cough* Cheater!' mumbled Myst.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Hamster Facts...

Came across this one evening, its quite interesting.

Want to Know some Interesting Facts about the Hamster?

Domestication of the hamster began in 1930 when a zoologist found one mother and twelve young hamsters in the Syrian Desert (to the North of Israel).


The gestation period of a Syrian hamster is about 16 days.


The hamster gets its name from a German word for storing food.

'Whoo hoo! I love learning new facts.' said Nessie

Funny Hamster Jokes...

Well its a lovely sunny Saturday & what a better day to have some funny
Hamster jokes to make our day even more fun!

So, here I have found jokes, which even Nessie finds funny too!

W hat did the mother hamster say to her children when they wanted a bedtime story?

I don't have a tale!

(Contributed by Jake, age 8, U.S, Texas)

W hat's gray and furry on the inside and white on the outside?

A hamster sandwich!

(Contributed by Greg, age 9, Cleveland)


'Thanks! They were great!' replied Nessie

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Oldest hamster food store found

A hoard of nuts buried by a rodent 17 million years ago is the oldest food larder so far discovered in the fossil record, say scientists in Germany.

A team from the University of Bonn found a burrow containing 1,800 fossilised nuts when digging at an open-cast mine near Garzweiler.

The winter food supplies were probably hidden away by a large hamster.

Nessie says, 'Thank you!' to Helen Briggs - BBC News Online

You can read the rest of the article here:

Farley Country Park & Nessie...

At the weekend, I went to a very nice woodland park called
Farley Country Park. As you can see from the photographs,
the weather was wonderful and what lovely views there was.

There were lots of different routes you could take once you arrived at a junction.
And they all looked about the same!!

As for Nessie....

She was waiting for me when I got back.

'Where you been?' said Nessie

Here's her soppy face, so she could get a treat.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

New Logo...

Nessie's been very busy lately, giving me ideas.

And so, we decided to make a new logo for our blog & we came up with 'TwiHam'.

We hope you like it!

Why not, leave a message in our Guestbook!