Thursday, 9 July 2009


This morning I wasn't feeling too well,
but I wanted to do finish something that
I was working on last night.

When Nessie was asleep this morning, I
thought I'll get to work...

**Snore snore**

(She does look tired) whispered Myst

"Right, I was in the middle of doing this last night" mumbled Myst

On Sunday, I brought home a load of photos that I had developed in Jessops.

(40 photos to choose from)

It was a tough decision to chose which photo fitted the small photo frame.

In the end, I chose this one...

"Ta, da!" said Myst.

Ok, back to work...

Righto, now I need to cut and make it fit, in that top right hand corner.

**Chop, snip and Done!**

My final cut out photo

And here it is, my final piece.

Not bad for a fridge magnet photo frame.