Tuesday, 14 July 2009

London Comic Con...

Now on saturday, we are going to the London Film& Comic Con
& to have a professional photograph taken with Peter Facinelli
from Twilight.

Dr Carlisle Cullen, if you didn't know his character from the film/book.

I explained to Nessie that she couldn't come to the
convention because she won't be allowed in, due
to no pets policy.

Here is Nessie calmly listening to me, when I was talking to her about saturday.

Anyway, she wasn't happy with me leaving
her out and that she couldn't see
Peter Facinelli that she decided to get
moody with me and not talk to me,
for the rest of the afternoon.

"Fine, don't take me! I don't care... go and..." muttered Nessie

"You were saying?" asked Myst

"........nothing" replied Nessie