Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Another year of spooky Halloween
& Nessie wanted to say a Big
Happy Halloween to you all!

"Happy Halloween all!" said Nessie

"Are you going to dress up as anything Nessie? asked Myst

"Ummm....." whimpered Nessie

"Yes, I am actually. Let me go and find it first...." answered Nessie, with a hint of surprise on her small face.

"Don't look yet..."

"Okay" said Myst

"Okay, I'm back! How do I look?" said Nessie

"Well, erw you look like the same as I last saw you?" replied Myst

"Don't you think it makes me look great!" smiled Nessie

"Umm...Yes, I think so. What are you dressed up as, if you don't mind me asking?" asked Myst, with a confused look.

"A Hamster, of course!" replied Nessie

"Oh!! Well it sure looks realistic." grinned Myst

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Official Statement From E1 Entertainment regarding the New Moon UK Fan Event

Official Statement From E1 Entertainment

From Official Twilight Bebo
New Moon UK fan event.

With the countdown on until The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits our cinemas on November 20, we are aware that rumours have been rife regarding a dedicated fan event and that giveaways have been launched in order to win tickets. Specifically one has launched on which asked fans to create Facebook groups. Please be aware that the competitions you are currently finding online at present ARE NOT OFFICIAL! Please do not enter them as you will not win tickets.

We appreciate that there are questions within the community regarding the UK fan event, however full and official details will be confirmed as soon as possible along with details on how tickets will be made available. News will be posted on the official pages for the film which are:

Many thanks for your continued support.

E1 Entertainment

Thanks to Deni for the link

Please note that the event is legit, but the contests are not. We are still awaiting information regarding ticket sales and will let you know as soon as we hear anymore.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tuesday Blues...

Well Nessie had been working hard last night
making herself another Thatched Cottage.

Which means saw dust all over the floor for me
to hoover up..

"Great, thanks Nessie!" mumbled Myst

"Just keeping it real...." smiled Nessie

"Do, you forgive me?" said Nessie

"Well depends...." replied Myst

"I will make it up to you. Let me find something first...." strolled Nessie

"Mmm...okay" answered Myst

"You can have these, if you want" asked Nessie

"Erw.....I'm alright thanks. Nice idea, but I think you will have better used of them, than me" laughed Myst

"Oh, okay!..."

New Moon Fan Event November 11th at 6:30pm is in need of Ambassadors:

I need to find one ambassador in each city who I will give a pair of tickets to in return for setting up a Facebook group promoting the vouchers which I have made for this offer. Provided they get 250 members on their group, I can guarentee them a pair of tickets to the Big Fan Event in Battersea Park, London, on November 11th at 6:30.

This event will be a live concert with the three main cast of the Film (Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner) and also the director Chris Weitz attending, along with bands from the Official soundtrack playing.

We will also judge the ambassadors on how many vouchers are redeemed for their cinema, and the person with the most redemptions will get an additional cash prize of £100.

Entrants can be any age, providing that they can get the 250 members onto their Facebook group.

The entrants must live within a reasonable distance of the Cinema which they are an Ambassador, so that they can easily endorse the cinema.

When applying, they need to email me at:, and simply say their name, reason they want to be an ambassador and also how close they live to Cinema and how well they know the cinema.

Picturehouse Cinemas, a chain of independent UK cinemas, is looking for one abassador from each of the following UK cities (Picturehouse cinema attached): London Brixton (Ritzy Cinema), Liverpool (Picturehouse at Fact), Henley (Regal Picturehouse), York (City Screen), Stratford-on-Avon (Stratford Picturehouse) and Greenwich (Greenwich Picturehouse).


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Fun Sunday....

Nessie wanted to play Hide and Seek tonight,
and so, off she went hiding....

"Now close your eyes and don't cheat, I'm going to hide!" said Nessie

"Okay..." replied Myst

"Ok, find me now!..."

"Mmm...I can see you!" laughed Myst

"Doh! Ok, I'm going to hide again, don't peep!" answered Nessie

"Okay!..." cried Myst

"Ok, find me now!"

"Umm...I'm looking and looking......."

*Giggle* *Giggle*

"And look, I found you again! laughed Myst

"Dang! I might hide more, so you can't find me!" shouted Nessie

"Okay." replied Myst

"Find me now!"

"Mmm....I'm looking and I'm still looking....Oh, and I find you again!" said Myst

"Dang! How have you found me? You been cheating, haven't you?" asked Nessie


"Then, how could you find me?" said Nessie, with a confused look on her face.

"Well, lets say the ears, gives it away..."

"Oh!...." mumbled Nessie

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Saturday, Oh, Saturday!....

Another weekend and another saturday,
and what British weather we have here
today; Rain!
However, Nessie's been up and about
hunting and searching for food...

"Right, do I get any treats today? I have been good" said Nessie

"Oh, really! Have you now?" replied Myst

"Squeak! Yes!"

"Ok, here you go, a biscuit for you"

"Nice" smiled Nessie

"Right, I'm taking this back home with me"

"Watch where your going!" said Myst

"mmm..mmmm.....I'm am!" mumbled Nessie

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Another Wednesday....

Another Wednesday, however it hasn't stopped Nessie
from eating and munching....

Tonight, she has had her 5 portions of vegetables,
and that is of course, broccoli!!!

The joys of watching her, fight for her food....


"Fine, I'll eat it this way then...." replied Nessie

PS: Photographs tonight are abit blurry as for I took them on my Nintendo DSi

Monday, 19 October 2009

Tube Extention ....

Phew, have been very busy lately, however, I have found
a new way to connect the 2 cages that I have got together and
form them as one, so Nessie can explore more.....

You might have noticed a thin plastic sheet on her wired cage door,
and that is in fact .... a lid of a plastic rectangle tub.

I then drew around one of her coloured tubes,
so I could get the measurements of how wide the hole should be.
Cut the hole out using a pair of scissors (If your young, ask your parents
for help) then....

Make 4 small round holes in each of the corners
and tie some string to it. You can use some wire,
however I know Nessie doesn't like eating string.

Finally attach and tie the strings onto the cage
and hey presto! Your done!

"Can I go and explore now?" said Nessie

"Yes you can" replied Myst

"I even left you a biscuit around, so you can got hunting for it" .....

"Squeak!....." cheered Nessie

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Thatched Cottage home....

Well look what she did here....a thatched roof built by Nessie.

Guess she's looking into having a cottage style theme for her lovely home.

Here she is having a snooze... Looks like she's about to give a big YAWN!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Homemade Large Gnaw Biscuit...

Phew, I have been busy these past few days,
however I had been making lots of
different recipes for Nessie to try out.

So, tonight, I gave a big biscuit for
Nessie to try out...

"Tasty! Is this mine?" said Nessie

"Oh yes, do you like it? " asked Myst

".....I'm Lost with ... words... yum....m...." mumbled Nessie

" not sure which way to eat it?" asked Nessie

"How about over there?" pointed Myst

"Oh, yes!" squeeled Nessie

"Hmmm... I must find a way into this large biscuit....must think of a ...plan!" mumbled Nessie

"What you talking to yourself about?" asked Myst

"Nothing...." replied Nessie, with a big grin on her face

"Ok, I can do this!" whispered Ness

"Do what?" asked Myst

"You'll see......" replied Nessie

Well Nessie did manage to fulfil her plan
& managed to get through her entire biscuit
in one evening & eventually put all of it
inside her house, making her sleep outside instead!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sneek peep of the New Moon Soundtrack

Sneek peek of the New Moon Soundtrack - Out 20th October

Friday, 9 October 2009

Create your own Hamster Hammock...

Great hammock design made by janeestevo over at using cloth table mats to make this simple by effective hammock.

Now, I want to go and have a go at making one now :)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The joys of a biscuit...

"This looks tasty!" said Nessie

Thats good, because I made it for you. It's an Milk Bone Biscuit

"So, this is all mine, then?" asked Nessie



"I might try and eat it from here" ...

"Actually I quite like it over here" said Nessie


Friday, 2 October 2009

What's this?....

"What is this?" asked Nessie

Well, why don't you have a look? said Myst

"Mmmm..."......sniffed Nessie

"Looks like a big cracker! But it's not Christmas yet!" said Nessie, with a surprised look on her face.

"Does it have to be christmas to give surprises for you?" replied Myst

"Well then....keep these surprises coming!" cheered Nessie.

Looks like we will have to wait for Christmas to see if Nessie will open her surprise cracker.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Twilight New Moon Soundtrack 2 GB USB Flash Drive

The Twilight New Moon Soundtrack 2GB USB Flash Drive retails for $32.99 and is available for pre-order.