Thursday, 2 July 2009

Homemade Toys

I really enjoy getting crafting & so after noticing Nessie seems
a bit distance with her see saw tunnel. That I decided to
make something fun and interesting for her.

As you can see I made it all by toliet rolls
& cut a large hole in the small toliet roll
then cut off half of the larger toliet roll
& taped it under underneath so that
it wouldn't go all 'wobbly' for Nessie to go on.

However, being Nessie, she likes to cheat!
And goes around the homemade see saw,
instead of going on top of it.

This was Plan A - I guess the word is simple

Then I got the other half of the bigger toliet roll &
stick it next to each other to make it wider.
And to make it more smoother at the top
surface I found some Blue card and glued
it over the top.

So, now Nessie has a choice, to either
go over the top of the 'blue see-saw'
or through her wooden one.

Finished design, Nessie's got 2 lovely choices to use.