Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Different scenery...

Today Nessie has been exploring lots of
different areas of her home, as well as my home.

"Where shall I go today?" said Nessie

"Mmmm.. I'll go over there.." said Nessie

Bit of a morning stretch from Nessie - Myst

"Ooo, can I choose a card Myst?" asked Nessie

Sure thing Nessie! - Myst



Nessie loves gathering random things that
she finds within her cage, from large wood shavings,
bedding to erww brown chocolate bits.

In our terms, 'brown poop'....

'Yes, not very nice' - Myst

"I heard that!" said Nessie

Nessie's pruning moment

"Now, where's my brown chocolate cornflakes?" said Nessie

I'm sure you can find it easily Nessie - Myst

"Ah! Found one Myst" - Nessie

Jolly good - replied Myst