Monday, 28 December 2009

Xmas Time...

Well its been extremely cold over here in England and even Nessie has decided to build herself a nice warm looking Thatch Cottage.

Even Nessie thinks her Thatch Cottage looks great from an distance!!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Getting ready for xmas....

As you know, Nessie loves storing things.
She stores food in her house, in the corners
of her cage and even in her cheeks...

"Wazzup?" said Nessie

"I'm getting ready for xmas now"

"Right, where to put it? Left corner? Right corner? Ohh, in my house! The choices I have..." mumbled Nessie, with her mouth full.

"Catch you later guys. I'm going to go find a secret place to store my food. Bye!" waved Nessie

Ready for Valentines Day with some New Moon Chocolates?...

Are you ready for some valentines day chocies?

Which one will you pick; peanut butter, creme or caramel?

Don't they look tasty!

Source: via twifans

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Sleepy Nessie...

Been trying to take a photograph of Nessie whilst she was sleeping in her hamper. However, everytime I move closer to
get a good picture, she keeps waking up. So, these were the
best I could get, without waking her.

Also, you might notice she looks a bit puffy around the cheeks,
well...thats where she's storing her food this morning.

Twilight Tracker Exclusive from Director Chris Weitz....

A list of things that you might have missed from the Twilight saga: New Moon.


I was about to type Twilight saga: Nessie....

Friday, 18 December 2009

Screen Captions of Bella's Emails in New Moon...

Christmas Part 1...

Well it's that time of the year again,
where the snow will fall, and all the
christmas foods, gifts are shared.

And well, its me and Nessie's first
christmas together, so she decided to
help me write some christmas cards out...

Just a bit of christmas decoration to start off with...

"Nessie, are you going to help me write some christmas cards?" asked Myst.

*Nibble nibble*

"Oii! Your not suppose to eat the elastic band. Give it here... Right, lets get writing, shall we? I'll write them out and you can seal the envelopes up." said Myst

*Lick lick*

"Hey, Nessie you're not suppose to lick the envelopes till I finished writing the cards. Silly!" grasped Myst

"Whats in the bag? Can I have a peek?" asked Nessie

"Nope, because inside is a surprise!" answered Myst

"A surprise! What, for me??" replied Nessie, whilst sniffing the plastic bag.

"Maybe..." giggled Myst

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Could this been the DVD cover of New Moon...?

Hard to say, if this will be the cover of the New Moon DVD or just a good manipulate by someone.....mmmmm.....

Friday, 11 December 2009

Twilight New Moon Volturi Makeup Kit

Hot Topic has got a wonderful set of Twilight New Moon Volturi Makeup Kit. It includes an eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, duo lip gloss, two nail polishes, sharpener, brush and allover shimmer. It costs $28.00 from America.

*Squeaking from the background* "I want one" said Nessie

Thursday, 10 December 2009

A tribute to RIP Ruby ...

Yesterday, Ruby the hamster had passed away. It is such a sad hamster day, knowing that one of Nessie's female hamster friend had gone away. Steph her owner cared and loved Ruby

very much and me and Nessie will be thinking of Ruby on this very day. "Hope you arrive at Hamster heaven safely Ruby!" said Myst.

This poem goes to Ruby & Steph:

My hamster was always there,

Eating and playing with out a care.

Soft and warm she always was,

A small, fat ball of fuzz.

All night she would nibble and run,

She always had a lot of fun.

I always loved to see her tiny face,

Running in her wheel as if it were a race.

Now she is no longer here.

I miss that little hamster that I loved dear.

Someday we will meet again.

I will miss her until then.

Its nearly the weekend...

Nessie's been very active tonight, and
well she's happened to want to show me
something that she had practiced...

"Now, there's something I want to show you." said Nessie

"What up? Are you being all shy on me now?" replied Myst

(Nessie's shys away behind her little toy)

*Giggle* sniggered Nessie

"I think you will be really proud of me, after you see this"

"OOOoo, really? What is it?" asked Myst

"Watch and see" answered Nessie, with a big grin on her little face.

Moments later.....

"Ta Da!!" said Nessie, whilst climbing upside down in her cage

"WOW! That is like...amazing!" replied Myst, clapping.

"You have to show me how you do that" applauded Myst

(Climb climb climb...)

"Think Nessie is being too clever now, hehe. Good job Nessie! Thats me girl!" cheered Myst

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Being an hamster...

It's not easy being a hamster,
being locked in an cage every
so often & staring into walls,
eating, watching TV/films &
running at nights...

"God, I'm bored. And I ain't running tonight." said Nessie

"Okay, do you want a little treat?" asked Myst

"Well, seeing as your offering, alright!" replied Ness

"Mummmm....yumm...." said Nessie, with a mouthful of bread

"My eyes!! I can't see with my eyes, what's with the light!!" cried Ness

"Whoops! I put it on flash setting on my camera, sorry.."replied Myst

"Here you go, got some more bread for you" said Myst

(Speechless Nessie as for she reaches out for her bready treat.)

Monday, 7 December 2009


"Hey guys, what have you been up to today?" said Nessie

"I'm having the Monday morning blues...."

"Wake me up, when it's a friday night, will ya?"

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Waiting for treats.....

Nessie's been patiencely waiting for treats from me....

She's learnt that, if she behaves, she can actually get a treat from me.

"I pray & pray & hope I will get a treat from Miss Poopy Pants, I mean nice, kind...Myst" mumbled Nessie

"So, do I get a lovely treat from you now?" asked Nessie, nicely.

"Well, maybe you do deserve some, seeing as you asked so nicely" replied Myst

"YAY!" cheered Ness

"Yumm...ummm.yumm....mumm...." munched Nessie

" very yumm....y!" said Nessie, with a few crumbs stuck to her tiny teeth.

"May I have some more please?" asked Nessie, shyly.

"Maybe another time, otherwise you'll spoil your dinner" answered Myst.

"Alright...." replied Ness.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

HQ Pictures of New Moon.....

Here are some new HQ still images from the Official New Moon website

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Xmas Cracker Time....

Oh, its that time of the year again
for fun, sparkle, food & crackers!!....

So, Nessie got a big treat this time,
a big xmas cracker to chew on.


"This is a tough cracker...." mumbled Nessie

"Hehe..." giggle Myst


"Thirsty work this is!" squeeled Nessie

Looks like she's really thirsty. In the end after 10 mins, she managed to get to her xmas cracker surprise, which consists of cheese and mini fruit snacks.