Thursday, 9 July 2009

12 life lessons games have taught us

As a past gamer of World of Warcraft, I still contuine to enjoy trying different games
& reading random computer reviews on games.

However, this caught my eye today when I was browsing MSN
& I must agree with it. We do learn things from games...
well, I do.

When I was playing 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' on the Playstation 2 with my brother.
There were questions that popped up, that I had knew, only from playing a game.

Games have a lot of wisdom to share with us, lessons that might be put to use in our everyday lives.

Sometimes these lessons are practical (the value of teamwork), others metaphorical (your princess is in another castle) and some highly literal (don’t hide behind explosive barrels).

To those who question the educational value of games, we say consider these valuable life lessons games have taught us.

Nessie says 'Thanks!' to Jane Douglas: Editor - Tech & Gadgets on MSN'

Below is the link to it: