Tuesday, 14 July 2009


We decided to re-build the Rotastak homes around

so that it wouldn't take up too much room on my table.

So, we got to work....

As you can see, we stacked on top of each

other the two main parts.

Then Nessie wanted to help and take part doing this...

So, here she is trying to help me work out
which parts to use next.

But I think she got distracted by the tasty purple carpet

So, back to work again....

"I want to use that clear tube next" said Nessie

"Nessie, we are suppose to be working not playing around" answered Myst

"I know, I'm having a mini break" replied Nessie

While, she was on her 'mini-break', I got back to finishing it...

And here it is, the Two Towers.

Looks abit like the lord of the rings tower, but stuck together.