Sunday, 6 December 2009

Waiting for treats.....

Nessie's been patiencely waiting for treats from me....

She's learnt that, if she behaves, she can actually get a treat from me.

"I pray & pray & hope I will get a treat from Miss Poopy Pants, I mean nice, kind...Myst" mumbled Nessie

"So, do I get a lovely treat from you now?" asked Nessie, nicely.

"Well, maybe you do deserve some, seeing as you asked so nicely" replied Myst

"YAY!" cheered Ness

"Yumm...ummm.yumm....mumm...." munched Nessie

" very yumm....y!" said Nessie, with a few crumbs stuck to her tiny teeth.

"May I have some more please?" asked Nessie, shyly.

"Maybe another time, otherwise you'll spoil your dinner" answered Myst.

"Alright...." replied Ness.