Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas Part 1...

Well it's that time of the year again,
where the snow will fall, and all the
christmas foods, gifts are shared.

And well, its me and Nessie's first
christmas together, so she decided to
help me write some christmas cards out...

Just a bit of christmas decoration to start off with...

"Nessie, are you going to help me write some christmas cards?" asked Myst.

*Nibble nibble*

"Oii! Your not suppose to eat the elastic band. Give it here... Right, lets get writing, shall we? I'll write them out and you can seal the envelopes up." said Myst

*Lick lick*

"Hey, Nessie you're not suppose to lick the envelopes till I finished writing the cards. Silly!" grasped Myst

"Whats in the bag? Can I have a peek?" asked Nessie

"Nope, because inside is a surprise!" answered Myst

"A surprise! What, for me??" replied Nessie, whilst sniffing the plastic bag.

"Maybe..." giggled Myst