Thursday, 10 December 2009

A tribute to RIP Ruby ...

Yesterday, Ruby the hamster had passed away. It is such a sad hamster day, knowing that one of Nessie's female hamster friend had gone away. Steph her owner cared and loved Ruby

very much and me and Nessie will be thinking of Ruby on this very day. "Hope you arrive at Hamster heaven safely Ruby!" said Myst.

This poem goes to Ruby & Steph:

My hamster was always there,

Eating and playing with out a care.

Soft and warm she always was,

A small, fat ball of fuzz.

All night she would nibble and run,

She always had a lot of fun.

I always loved to see her tiny face,

Running in her wheel as if it were a race.

Now she is no longer here.

I miss that little hamster that I loved dear.

Someday we will meet again.

I will miss her until then.