Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Being an hamster...

It's not easy being a hamster,
being locked in an cage every
so often & staring into walls,
eating, watching TV/films &
running at nights...

"God, I'm bored. And I ain't running tonight." said Nessie

"Okay, do you want a little treat?" asked Myst

"Well, seeing as your offering, alright!" replied Ness

"Mummmm....yumm...." said Nessie, with a mouthful of bread

"My eyes!! I can't see with my eyes, what's with the light!!" cried Ness

"Whoops! I put it on flash setting on my camera, sorry.."replied Myst

"Here you go, got some more bread for you" said Myst

(Speechless Nessie as for she reaches out for her bready treat.)