Thursday, 18 March 2010

Dinner time...

As I was making some salad for dinner,
suddenly I realised to myself, that I
should make one for Nessie too...

So, I visited Mathijs's Hamster Tracker website
recipe called Ceasar Salad, which he made
for his lovely Lucy.

So, I got to work, cutting, chopping,
arranging and finally... Ta daa!!

That's my salad for myself and...

Here is Nessie's portion...

(I had to substitute a few items, like the ham for some raisins, etc)

Let's see what she thinks of it...

'Yumm...ummm...mmm....meeeey!!' mumbled Nessie, with her mouth full of food

She looks happy here, doesn't she?



I think she's saving some for laters

(Hence, her starting to pouch food now)


And the bowl is nearly empty......!!


I bet that filled her up tonight.

'Burp!' said Nessie