Monday, 16 November 2009

Monday chew day...

I have been experimenting with my Nintendo DSi lately,
& it has been difficult trying to keep Nessie still,
whilst trying to use my camera function on the camera.
Still though, it does produce some good photographs,
however I got poor lighting from the distance, so
it makes her look all red :(

Still, I managed to keep her busy by, putting some
pine seeds into those homemade wooden chews that
I had made a while back. Looks like she's busy trying
to get it out!

"A bit of help would be nice Myst?" said Nessie

"Hey, you need to keep busy and get to work!" replied Myst

"Oh, fine then. I will eat my way into this hard....rock....wood....thing..." sighed Nessie

Thats it, keep on chewing. You can do this!!