Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Halloween Photos....

It has been an very fun Halloween,
last weekend & I have taken lots of
photos of the food, Nessie & CAKE!!

I love making cake as well as eating it.

These are Halloween Cauldron mini cakes. It was great fun decorating, these little fairy cakes. Took ages to decorate, but it was worth it!

Then I decided to make some Hamster Halloween Treats and ended up making a 'Bat Biscuit' for Nessie.

Here she is, munching on an upside down Bat. Looks like she's enjoying it!

Another pounching session, get ready in watching those cheeks getting filled up with biscuit!

"Nibble, nibble...." said Nessie

"Next time, I'll make loads more" told Myst

*Too busy to listen* .....

And, wait for Cake time!!

Dracula Cake!! Yippee! I love eating cake!!

"Tasty!" said Myst

"Shame, Nessie can't have any"

"Oh well, more for me to eat!" laughed Myst