Monday, 15 June 2009

"I'm on top of the world!" - Nessie

"Slight problem Myst, I can't get down!"

"Ok, I need a ladder"

"Cheese string, yay!" - Nessie

"You didn't, did you Nessie?" said Mystia

"Oh yes, I did. This red cheese string is mine!" - Nessie

"Erww Nessie, thats not a cheese string." replied Myst

Busy weekend...

As you might notice, (or maybe not have noticed)
I have been very busy this weekend travelling to a wedding.
And this time to Heresford,
it took about 4 hours to get there,
but thats including some pit stops along the way.
As you can see, I went along the Severn Bridge on the border line of South Wales
and to Cadw. It was so sunny & hot there, and not a drop of rain at all!
But we all missed Nessie, though did she miss us??

Back to Nessie...

Here is Nessie on Friday 12th June,
chewing on my Nintendo DS charger cable,
after I told her she couldn't have any wedding cake.

"I want food!" .. - Nessie

"Fine. I'll go and look for some food myself!"