Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Another adventure...

Saying Hello

Saying Hello in Nessie's terms, usually involves 'Biting'.

However, today she was very kind and
shooked Mr Stan's hand nicely.

"Hello there! I'm Nessie"

Afterwards, Nessie asked me if Mr Stan
can live in her cage with her.
Then I told Nessie that Mr Stan
cannot go and live with her in her cage

and she decided to do this .......

"Fine, then I will eat him!" said Nessie

Manners Nessie.
Where are your manners? - Myst


Learning how to use the computer

Nessie wanted to learn how to use the computer,
so I taught her a few Short-cut keys and
now she seems to be a 'Whiz-Kid' .

"Crtl, Alt & H" said Nessie

Nessie, its spelt 'Ctrl' for Control and what's does H do?? - Myst

"It's gunna take me to some HAMSTER sites!!" replied Nessie

"Can we do some more fun stuff tommorrow Myst?" asked Nessie

Of course Nessie!!