Friday, 10 April 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

I was about to type Sage instead of Saga in the title, lol!

Anyways, I was thinking to myself what ways to try and go to a premiere & of course New Moon premiere. Problem on earth do I even get tickets?? Difficult question, even I cannot figure out, but am trying to find ways to have at least one step closer in 'trying' to get tickets. Last I heard to buy tickets it costs like £2000 a ticket, how on earth can one cough up that much for one. I certainly can't :(

I have been really thinking though, in what ways can I actually get tickets? Mmm, definitely not easy. 1) I could keep applying to competitions to WIN tickets. Knowing my luck, properly won't win, at all! 2) Comic Con, yep thats interesting. Never been to one before so should be interesting to see whats its like. 3) I don't know, go to the premiere in Novemebr, but see nothing but a bunch of screaming in my face fans. Knowing me I'll properly see the back of someone's head. But for someone who's first time to a premiere, I guess I'm quite happy to be there, knowing the actors and actoress from the film will be there & the atmosphere of it all. I bet it will be one hell of a night, with all these flashing cameras and screaming girls. Why do people scream anyways? Definitely scare away the actors.