Thursday, 29 December 2011

Edward & Bella’s Tropical Honeymoon Hideaway in Brazil...

"The chic Brazilian retreat, where the love-struck duo consummate their marriage in the most talked-about scene of the latest Twilight flick, is available for rent.

The six-bedroom hideaway, called Casa em Paratey, is located on Mamangua Bay - near the town of Paraty, some 60 miles west of Rio De Janeiro. For extra sparkle factor, it comes with a 220m-long private beach.

Some of the honeymoon scenes for Breaking Dawn: Part One were filmed at the house (the rest were recorded on a soundstage in the US).

With many Twilight fans too young to have a full-time job, they had better hope daddy is feeling generous, as the house costs £2,500 per night.

But some Twi-hards may think the cost is worth it, judging by the ever-growing popularity of all things Twilight. Recently, it was reported that destinations featured in the film are experiencing a boom in interest.

These includes Forks in the US, where most of the saga takes place (although nothing has been filmed here), and Squamish in Canada, where Bella and Edward tie the knot."


They filmed the honeymoon scenes at Casa em Paraty,
a luxury vacation home in
Rio de Janeiro,

The house was designed by Thiago Bernardes
of the architecture firm Bernardes + Jacobsen.
It was featured in the January 2011
 issue of
Architectural Digest.

The area is so remote that the family
can only reach its house
boat or helicopter.

Source: hookedonhouses