Tuesday, 24 May 2011

RIP Nessie the Hamster...

I am sad to say that Nessie the Hamster has passed away last Saturday.

I have had Nessie since April 2009 and for two years,
she has made me laugh and smile every day.

I found a lovely poem, which reminds me of my dearest lovely hammie...

You were my dearest friend,
You were there all the time.
On you I always could depend.
The one who knew me best.

Your trust in me never wavered.
Nor did mine in you.
You were the one who I favoured,
Above all the rest.

Your life was sweet,
But, oh, so short.
And I was left. Incomplete.
The day you left.

And though your time,
Was just a blip,
Compared to mine.
You will live on with me,

This weekend I am going to find a lovely place to bury her,
where I could always go and visit her.

If you have any messages, that you would like to say to RIP Nessie.

Please leave a message in the comment box and I will past all the messages to her in her ceremony at the weekend.