Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Sleeping Nessie....

As you all know, hamsters are nocturnal. They are active in the evening and sleep during the day. I learnt that "understanding and working with a hamster’s sleep schedule is essential to developing a good relationship."
Here is an good example of Nessie being all curled up beside her wheel sleeping...

Using my Flash mode on my digital camera now, you can see she looks all tired out.

Now, I came across this website which gives you a bit of information about hamster sleep:

The following steps help you accommodate your hamster’s sleep needs:
•Clean the cage, provide food and handle a hamster in late afternoon or evening.
•Learn a hamster’s schedule, and handle and play with it during its waking periods.
•Place the hamster’s cage in a dark, quiet area where the animal can sleep comfortably during the day and where its digging, scratching and wheel-running won’t disturb you in the middle of the night.
•Provide a cozy enclosed space such as a small box or clay pot turned on its side where the hamster can sleep.
•If you need to waken your hamster, talk to it quietly as you change its food and water. Your voice and the activity will bring it out of its slumber.
•Wake your hamster at the same time every day to help it develop a regular schedule.