Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter break!...

I hope you all had a great Easter holidays.

Nessie has been busy lately,
she's discovered that a piece
of toliet tube can be so much

'Ooo, look at that!' scrambled Nessie

'What you found?'

'This bit could be useful' mumbled Nessie

Looks like she's making something creative. Let me ask her...

Are you making your own version of an extension tube??

*Bite bite*

She's too busy to answer...

'I'm going to be on Blue Peter one day' said Nessie

'Right, I finished! What do you think?' said Nessie, with a big grin on her little face.

Well... its looks interesting. Is it a extra homemade tube extention for your other house?

' It's a new chew toy that I had made' frowned Nessie

Ohhh... interesting.