Monday, 19 October 2009

Tube Extention ....

Phew, have been very busy lately, however, I have found
a new way to connect the 2 cages that I have got together and
form them as one, so Nessie can explore more.....

You might have noticed a thin plastic sheet on her wired cage door,
and that is in fact .... a lid of a plastic rectangle tub.

I then drew around one of her coloured tubes,
so I could get the measurements of how wide the hole should be.
Cut the hole out using a pair of scissors (If your young, ask your parents
for help) then....

Make 4 small round holes in each of the corners
and tie some string to it. You can use some wire,
however I know Nessie doesn't like eating string.

Finally attach and tie the strings onto the cage
and hey presto! Your done!

"Can I go and explore now?" said Nessie

"Yes you can" replied Myst

"I even left you a biscuit around, so you can got hunting for it" .....

"Squeak!....." cheered Nessie