Sunday, 9 August 2009

Nessie springs into Action...

I had been having some lovely Coke to drink tonight &
so, being Nessie, she wanted to perform some tricks for me.

'Okay, I'm going to stay over here and show you' said Nessie

'Actually maybe I'll stand over here instead' whispered Ness

'You ready for this Myst? I'm going to get ready with a fist punch!' said Nessie

'A what? I can see your fists. Your not going to have a fight again, are you?' replied Myst

'Of course not! I'm going to jump over this bottle. You ready?' shouted Nessie

'Did you cheat?' asked Myst

'No! I just wanted to move closer before I jumped.' answered Nessie

'Yea yea, *cough* Cheater!' mumbled Myst.