Thursday, 20 August 2009


Now normally you expect a door to be plain and boring,
however, if you are really interested want a black cut out
figure of Edward Cullen on your door, well, now you can.....

PS: Forgot to mention, that this black cut out figure is actually full sized.

Ok, even more weirder. How about a shower curtain....


Color: White Curtain & Black Design. (Contact me before buying if you need the reverse/different colors. Black Curtains available).

Size: Standard 70x72 inches. (Email me before buying if you need a custom shower curtain size).

Features: Unique! Original! Handpainted with a brush just like a piece of art! Hang it in your shower, on your wall, in a window, behind your bed as a headboard, or frame it and display it just like any art portrait in your home! (Email me before buying if you want any additions or changes to the design, or a personalized shower curtain, or a monogrammed shower curtain, or your own custom shower curtain design, etc...).

Materials: Professional quality fabric paint on super-soft 100% polyester fabric. Treated to be both Waterproof & Mildew-Resistant. Standard perforations are at the top to hang it with your own hooks.

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