Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Lucy 3 passed away... at

Sad news to hear that Lucy 3, over at has passed away yesterday.

Thinking of Lucy & Mathijs.

I am not good at writing poems myself, so here is an suitable & nice Hamster Poem that I have found on the net, this is dedicated to Mathijs & Lucy 3 at the funeral:

Little small hammy,
My tiny pet friend,

We lived long together,
Right up to the end.

You ran on your wheel
In the middle of the night.

But I hold you close to my heart,
I hold on real tight.

The day that you died,
I cried crystal tears,

but I remembered the good times we had through the years.

So tiny and cute,
So soft and sweet.

You kick at my hand with your small, bony feet.

I love you my hammy,
You remain in my heart.

And never forget,
I've loved you from the start.

Poem by: One in a Million at


HamsterTracker said...

That is so sweet!

Thank you!