Friday, 31 July 2009


Now and then, Nessie the Hamster likes to play in her cage.
Today, she decided to do some acting for me...

Playing blind:

'That flash is so bright that I'm going blind, I can't see!' said Nessie

Being adorable:

'Right, so you want me to act cute?' asked Nessie

Playing hard to get:

'Nope, I'm not talking to you now'.

Cliff diving:

'I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky...'

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Sign the Support for Rachelle Lefevre in Eclipse

You might or might not have noticed, Rachelle Lefevre, who plays Victora in Twilight & New Moon has been replaced by another woman in Eclipse. Stories are uncovered to show that there is more to it, than meets the eye. If, you believe she should not of been replaced. Please show you interest, by signing this petition to support Rachelle Lefevre.

Cover Stories of the Twilight drama:

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Yet again, Nessie is exploring her surroundings.

She seemed eager to be captured on camera this time round.

'Is this pose good?' said Nessie

'Yes, now keep still. So, I can take a photo of you' replied Myst

'How about this?' giggled Nessie

'Okay, now your just showing off ' laughed Myst

'Your my little table hoover, aren't you Nessie?' asked Myst

'ummm...yumm.. of cour..s..e...' mumbled Nessie

'I'm going to save this for laters' said Nessie

'Alright, enjoy it laters' answered Myst

Lucy 3 passed away... at

Sad news to hear that Lucy 3, over at has passed away yesterday.

Thinking of Lucy & Mathijs.

I am not good at writing poems myself, so here is an suitable & nice Hamster Poem that I have found on the net, this is dedicated to Mathijs & Lucy 3 at the funeral:

Little small hammy,
My tiny pet friend,

We lived long together,
Right up to the end.

You ran on your wheel
In the middle of the night.

But I hold you close to my heart,
I hold on real tight.

The day that you died,
I cried crystal tears,

but I remembered the good times we had through the years.

So tiny and cute,
So soft and sweet.

You kick at my hand with your small, bony feet.

I love you my hammy,
You remain in my heart.

And never forget,
I've loved you from the start.

Poem by: One in a Million at

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Biscuit Time...

Today Nessie was given a nice big treat...
a big homemade biscuit that I had made.


'Right, how do I put it through here?' said Nessie

'Slight problem, it won't go in Myst!'

Nessie eating a piece of lettuce

'Mmm, this is lovely' said Nessie

Friday, 24 July 2009

New Moon Sneek Peek Footage 1 & 2

One word....Amazing!!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

New Moon Official Website

Wonderful website & full of different fun areas to explore, like the 'La Push' or 'The Cullens Home'

Nessie loves it!

Manicure for Hamsters...

This is a very nice site, if your interested to learn more about Hamster nails and how to prune them:

Nessie says: 'Thanks, Miko Schmid for, Does my Hamster need a Manicure?'

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

High hopes in eating...

Eating is one of Nessie's priorities,
especially broccoli...

"Tasty! I love this." said Nessie, with joy.

"Can you keep the lights down please? I'm eating here"
"Opps, sorry!" replied Myst

"I'm going to tuck into this slowly" said Nessie

Still eating....

"Slight problem. How do I get inside there Myst?" asked Nessie

Monday, 20 July 2009

Miss Grumpy chops does have her cute moments...


Looks like she's dreaming of something nice here


Keeping busy...

Have been extremely busy at the weekend,
travelling, eating, sleeping. Looks like I'm trying into
a hamster now! However, back to Nessie, she has
been keeping herself busy by doing some exercise on
her wheel....

"Puff, huff.....I think I'm running more than a mile here" said Nessie

"Am I dreaming of a broccili here?" asked Nessie

"This broccili is real"

Here is Nessie storing her food for laters

New Picture from the Set of New Moon

Brand new still picture from the New Moon set. Inside the set: Alice Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black. Director Chris Weitz in the far left hand side.
Nessie says "Thanks Everglow for the source!"

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Well lately Nessie has been busy, either eating,
sleeping, biting, etc. So, I took her out of her cage
for some fun time...

"What are we going to do tonight?" said Nessie

"Well, I thought I'll put you on the sofa, so you can go exploring" replied Myst

"Can I climb down onto the floor?" asked Nessie

"Nope" said Myst

"Ok, I'm bored now. Can we do something else now" said Nessie

"Now, this is more like it" joked Nessie

"Alright, its time for you to go back home now" said Myst

*Searching for food bits time*

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

London Comic Con...

Now on saturday, we are going to the London Film& Comic Con
& to have a professional photograph taken with Peter Facinelli
from Twilight.

Dr Carlisle Cullen, if you didn't know his character from the film/book.

I explained to Nessie that she couldn't come to the
convention because she won't be allowed in, due
to no pets policy.

Here is Nessie calmly listening to me, when I was talking to her about saturday.

Anyway, she wasn't happy with me leaving
her out and that she couldn't see
Peter Facinelli that she decided to get
moody with me and not talk to me,
for the rest of the afternoon.

"Fine, don't take me! I don't care... go and..." muttered Nessie

"You were saying?" asked Myst

"........nothing" replied Nessie


Nessie's been busy deciding what to do,
so she asked me if she do some acting.

So, I said "Okay"...

Now, lately we all had finished watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy &
Nessie wanted to play Saruman the White and to re-act the Two Towers film.

However, I told her you can't jump down, so you're better off playing another character.

So, she decided & agreed she will play Pippen...

"Okay, I need help getting down please?" said Nessie

After a while, I told her, I'll hold on the dark magic ball....

& you can play dead. So, she agreed...

"Like this Myst?" said Nessie

"Yes, but with your eyes closed please" replied Myst


We decided to re-build the Rotastak homes around

so that it wouldn't take up too much room on my table.

So, we got to work....

As you can see, we stacked on top of each

other the two main parts.

Then Nessie wanted to help and take part doing this...

So, here she is trying to help me work out
which parts to use next.

But I think she got distracted by the tasty purple carpet

So, back to work again....

"I want to use that clear tube next" said Nessie

"Nessie, we are suppose to be working not playing around" answered Myst

"I know, I'm having a mini break" replied Nessie

While, she was on her 'mini-break', I got back to finishing it...

And here it is, the Two Towers.

Looks abit like the lord of the rings tower, but stuck together.

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Today, Nessie wanted to show me some

gymnastic tricks that she had learnt.

Firstly, she told me she need to get a grip

on the bars, so she can be steady.

"Ok, can you see me?" said Nessie

"Ok, now look at me!" laughed Nessie

"Wow, you are great!!" replied Myst

"I can do this with one hand" said Nessie

Thursday, 9 July 2009


This morning I wasn't feeling too well,
but I wanted to do finish something that
I was working on last night.

When Nessie was asleep this morning, I
thought I'll get to work...

**Snore snore**

(She does look tired) whispered Myst

"Right, I was in the middle of doing this last night" mumbled Myst

On Sunday, I brought home a load of photos that I had developed in Jessops.

(40 photos to choose from)

It was a tough decision to chose which photo fitted the small photo frame.

In the end, I chose this one...

"Ta, da!" said Myst.

Ok, back to work...

Righto, now I need to cut and make it fit, in that top right hand corner.

**Chop, snip and Done!**

My final cut out photo

And here it is, my final piece.

Not bad for a fridge magnet photo frame.